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Why Should You Have a Ghost Immobiliser Installed?

Autowatch Ghost is the next-generation vehicle immobiliser. It protects your car from theft. It works in a discreet manner by connecting to the vehicle’s CAN network and requiring that a unique, changeable PIN sequence be entered to start the vehicle.

The system is quiet, doesn’t have LED indications, and is not detected by diagnostic tools. It is also TASSA-approved, and recognized by a few insurance companies.

No Key Fobs, LED Indicators

Ghost immobilisers are a new technology in car security that can keep thieves from operating your vehicle, even if they manage to enter it. It is connected in a silent manner to the CAN data circuit inside your vehicle, which means there are no radio signals to be heard. This makes it difficult for a thief bypass it. It is also undetectable by diagnostics, and doesn’t include an LED indicator that could indicate its location. This makes it a good choice for vehicles that are expensive or rare, like vintage cars.

Autowatch Ghost is an extremely small device that is able to be hidden within the vehicle’s loom. This makes it almost impossible for thieves and other intruders to detect it. The device connects to the CAN system, and connects to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) to deter theft. It is extremely simple to install and can be put in place in less than an hour. It is also a lot less intrusive than other physical anti-theft devices, such as steering wheel locks.

The device is based on the same technology used by GPS trackers, however it prevents theft by preventing the vehicle from starting. It makes use of buttons on your car to generate an unique, reversible PIN code that must be entered to allow you to drive your car. The device can be programmed to utilize obscure buttons, like the ones on the back of the rear demister, to make it more difficult for thieves to figure out the PIN. This type of technology is becoming more and more popular, and a lot of insurance companies now require it for vehicles that have keyless entry systems.

The Ghost also prevents key cloning and hacking. The device is connected to the vehicle’s CAN bus and uses the buttons to generate an individual code that can be altered. This code must be entered in order to start the car. The device is not able to be beaten by modifying the ECU or adding new key fobs. Instead, the thief will require a special device to disable the immobiliser.

The ghost immobiliser is purchased for a low price and it can be paired with GPS tracking to ensure the security of your vehicle. It’s a great option for older vehicles, and can save you money on insurance premiums. If you’re interested in an immobiliser that ghosts, call us at Trackershop for an estimate. We will include the installation in the price so that you feel secure about the security of your vehicle.

It is TASSA Approved

Immobilisers are the best way to secure your car. It can shut down features such as the starter motor or fuel pump in the event that the PIN code was not entered correctly. It is important to install an immobiliser by a professional. The installer should be TASSA certified, which ensures that the product is safe and functions properly. The process involves checking the credentials of the installer. This includes an investigation into the criminal background of the installer and an identity check.

The Ghost immobiliser has been designed to stop thieves from stealing cars. It connects directly to the CAN data network of your vehicle and doesn’t require additional fobs or alarm systems. The system is quiet and cannot be detected either by car trackers or thieves. It uses the existing buttons on your steering wheel, door panels and the centre console to create a unique PIN code sequence. It is crucial to enter the correct sequence in order to start your vehicle. This makes it difficult for thieves.

This innovative immobiliser is accepted by TASSA and is available for installation at Trackershop. They are experts in installing this device. It also offers other security products, like remote starters and an anti-theft tracking device. The team of technicians can install the device at your home or office.

With more and more vehicles are being taken without owners’ keys, it is essential to secure your vehicle. Keyless cars of today are especially vulnerable, as cloning equipment and door lock pick sets are easy to purchase on the web. Autowatch Ghost is an excellent way to prevent this as it cannot be detected by thieves and can’t even be detected by vehicle trackers.

The Ghost II CAN immobiliser is completely hidden and cannot be altered by thieves. It can detect attempts to tamper the ECU and shut down certain components of the engine in an attempt to stop it. In addition, it could even disable the car alarm to prevent being noticed and allowing thieves to get away in the vehicle.

It is reversible

The Ghost immobiliser can be installed or removed at any time. It is directly connected to your vehicle’s Controller Area Network (CAN) and protects you with an individual PIN code that only you know. When the PIN code is correctly entered, the car will not start, and thieves will be deterred from trying to steal it.

Installation of the Ghost is not going to affect the warranty on your vehicle. The system is compatible with any alarm or tracker that you’ve installed aftermarket. It also won’t leave an imprint on the exterior or interior of your vehicle. It’s not noticeable to thieves because it does NOT use key fobs or LED indicators.

Organised car thief gangs are now employing devices to read the circuit wires of vehicles, however the ghost 2 immobiliser installation Immobiliser does not use any of these methods. Instead, it makes use of buttons on the dashboard or steering wheel to let you set the unique PIN code sequence. This code is required to start the car.

The Ghost Immobiliser can also protect your vehicle from OBD port hacking. This kind of theft is becoming more common and is one of the most difficult ways to prevent. The Ghost Immobiliser helps prevent these thefts because it prevents the burglar from connecting a laptop into your vehicle’s OBD port and copying keys.

The Ghost can be used in conjunction with a vehicle tracking device. This is useful for locating your car after it has been taken. It is not recommended to use a tracker as your primary anti-theft measure as they aren’t able to stop theft. They are also more easily to detect and remove than the Ghost immobiliser.

It is simple to install

A Ghost immobiliser, which is a revolutionary new technology, can help you safeguard your vehicle from theft. It works by connecting to your vehicle’s CAN (Controller Area Network) system and creating an unique code sequence that is difficult for thieves to break. It is an inexpensive and efficient method of protecting your car from being stolen.

Ghost is designed to work with all cars, including keys from aftermarket manufacturers. Ghost generates a unique PIN code that is entered using the buttons on your dashboard, central console and steering wheel. This will stop thieves from opening your vehicle. It has a number of other features, such as a GPS tracker that can locate your vehicle.

This kind of device is a popular choice among many drivers because it can offer protection against a variety of different kinds of car theft. It is easy-to-install, silent and doesn’t use radio signals. It’s also a good choice for those who do not need a complete alarm system. However, it is important to have a professional install the alarm to ensure that it works correctly.

It’s important that you have a professional install your ghost immobiliser in order to ensure it functions exactly as it should. A professional will know where to place it and will make sure that the unit is properly connected to your vehicle’s electronic system. The installer will ensure that the device is kept hidden and can’t be viewed by anyone without any reason.

The Autowatch Ghost II CAN Immobiliser can be turned on to valet or service mode, which permits your car to be driven at 30mph without needing the access key. This makes it perfect for valet parking or transporting your car. It can even be used in this manner when your vehicle is being maintained by an authorized dealer. This mode can be disabled by the companion app and reset after each usage.

The Ghost is the only aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser that does not require cutting wires. It connects directly to the CAN system that is onboard of your vehicle. It’s not detected by tools for diagnosis or cloning. It is tamper-proof silent, quiet, and doesn’t emit any radio signals. It can be reversed so you can shift it to a different vehicle when needed.

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