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Protect Your Pride And Joy With The Ghost Immobiliser

ghost 2 immobiliser cost Immobiliser will safeguard your valuable property from theft. It’s discreet and does not require additional key fobs to operate.

The device utilizes buttons on your vehicle (steering wheel doors, door panels, and the centre console) to create a unique, changeable pin code sequence that can be up to 20 presses long. This will then allow the vehicle to start.

Simple PIN code change process

With the increasing rate of vehicle theft, many owners are seeking to improve their security. There are a variety of aftermarket security devices including tracking systems, alarms and immobilisers. They’re not all equally effective at protecting your vehicle. While a tracking system may assist you in locating your car in the case of theft, it does not prevent the crime from occurring in the first instance. Immobilisers, however perform exactly as they claim on the tin – they shut off your car’s engine to prevent it from being started. The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is one of the most advanced options on the market, making it nearly impossible for thieves to take your car.

The ghost device uses the buttons on your car to create a unique sequence that must be entered in order for the engine to begin. This can be done by using the heater, window or indicator stalk buttons. In addition to this it is possible to use an app for mobile devices that can function as an emergency PIN code override, allowing the driver to operate the car without having to use the button sequence. This is especially beneficial if you have to give your car away to a valet service or parking since the immobiliser is active and not deactivated.

The Ghost is a truly unique and ingenious device that works in conjunction with buttons of your car rather than as a separate unit. This means it’s not just a powerful security measure against theft from your vehicle but also a transferable device to any future vehicles you own, making it more investment-wise than traditional steering wheel locks.

Weatherproof small device

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is an advanced security system that safeguards your vehicle from key hacking and cloning. It also prevents ECU swapping. It’s a weatherproof, tiny device that communicates directly with your vehicle’s ECU via the CAN data bus to shut down the engine. It can be placed in the vehicle without the need for extra wiring and has been extensively tested to ensure that it works with all vehicles. It is also resistant to jamming devices that are a common technique used by thieves to bypass existing immobilisers.

The benefit of using CAN data is that it operates silently in comparison to conventional systems. It cannot be detected using sophisticated RF scanning and code-grabbing techniques, nor can it be identified by conventional diagnostic tools. The Autowatch Ghost doesn’t use LED indicators, but instead uses buttons in your vehicle, such as the steering wheel, centre console, or doors, to create unique sequences for disarming. This sequence can be extended by up to 20 presses to provide additional security. The iPhone app only allows one connection, using a unique pairing code for the Ghost. All communication between the two devices is encrypted.

The Ghost will stop car thieves from putting in a new ignition key or replacing the ECU to bypass the immobiliser. The engine can only be started if a valid PIN code is entered. It is able to be operated temporarily in Valet/Service mode (with parameters set such as 30mph speed limit), so you can hand your car to an attendant or valet without needing to enter a code.

Each vehicle is tested

The autowatch ghost immobiliser fitting Ghost is the first aftermarket CANbus immobiliser. It can be connected to the vehicle’s wiring and to the engine control unit (ECU). The device intercepts electronic signals to block the system of your vehicle from going through its normal start-up routine until you input an individual passcode. The system can be turned off or on via your smartphone’s app without the need for extra wires.

Standard factory immobilisers on vehicles work by having a transponder built into the key, which sends an indication to the ECU. If the correct code is transmitted the car will start however if the transponder is swapped with one from another vehicle the immobiliser won’t recognize it. This allows the vehicle be started and stolen. The Ghost immobiliser has been developed by an South African company at the top of the line in vehicle security technology. It protects your vehicle from key cloning, hacking and even key theft. Only by physically towing your car away could a thief get it, and they would still not be able to drive it.

Ghost uses buttons on your vehicle, like the indicator stalk, the steering wheel, and the doors, to generate unique PIN codes which must be entered in order to use your vehicle. It does this without additional hardware, like a keyfob. It can take up 20 to 20 presses. It is also undetectable by equipment for diagnostics and does transmit radio frequency signals, meaning thieves cannot make use of sophisticated RF scanners or code grabbing techniques to determine if an installation has been made.

Ghost is more difficult to remove than car alarms, which require disarming by pressing the buttons. This makes it an excellent complement to an GPS tracking device which can be used to locate your vehicle after it’s been stolen.

Override of emergency PIN code

You don’t have to look very far on social media for stories or videos of cars that have been stolen using the latest technology tools. This includes key-cloning devices and hacking devices that allow them to start your vehicle without your original key fobs.

The Ghost immobiliser helps combat this and gives you an additional layer of security to stop your vehicle from being stolen when it is targeted by thieves. It generates a unique pin code by pressing the buttons on your steering wheel, door panel and the centre console. This unique PIN has to be entered together with your original key fob to stop the vehicle from starting. The unique override pin can be found on a black plastic card which you will receive following the installation. It is easy to remember because there are no LED indicators.

The device is hidden within the vehicle’s wiring and doesn’t emit any radio signals, therefore it can’t be detected by modern thieves with diagnostic software that can identify the security system you have installed. This makes it a fantastic alternative to a tracking device.

Unlike other security systems, that rely on a relay located in the engine bays, immobilisers CANBUS communicate through CAN databus (brand dependent) with the ECU and BCM of the vehicle. This allows them to disable a vehicle completely, by sending an electronic block to the ECU and engine.

They can also be connected to a separate alarm, immobiliser or tracker. This should be specified prior to the installation. They are also fully service/valet mode-compatible and a good alternative to a tracker when you are taking your car in for repairs to an electrical issue at the dealership.

Service/Valet Mode

In recent times, there has been a rise in the number of vehicles stolen without the owner’s keys. It’s now more easy than ever to steal your pride & joy with the availability of key cloning tools and door lock picks. To combat this we are now offering the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser that prevents your vehicle from being driven despite the fact that your keys have been copied or your vehicle was stolen.

It communicates directly to your cars ECU (Engine Control Unit) through the CAN data circuit. It’s completely quiet since it doesn’t utilize radio frequencies or a key fob. This means that it can’t be detected by diagnostics or any other car hacking devices. It also protects against adding the key to a new one or replacing the ECU to get around the system, since only the correct PIN code can allow the engine to start.

The device is hidden within your car and is accessible via buttons on your steering wheel, the centre console and door panels. A unique and changeable PIN code sequence up to 20 digits has to be entered before you are able to start your car.

This is the first aftermarket immobiliser for CAN bus to be designed to stop your car from being moved away or even started without a PIN code being entered before. If the device is armed and you attempt to drive off it will display a warning on your dash which will flash continuously for about 300m. If you type in your PIN code during this time, it will disarm the anti-hijack and your car will continue to operate as normal. If you do not enter your PIN code at this point, the warning will continue to flash and will require a new PIN code every attempt to start your car.

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