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American Fridge – A Bold Design Statement

A modern American fridge can add a bold statement to your kitchen. They also have high tech specifications and a large capacity.

They can be a stand-alone design element or incorporated into a kitchen’s bank of units for a streamlined look. Some come with a water and ice dispenser which will dispense chilled and filter-filtered water. They will require to be connected and may limit where you can place your fridge for sale freezer due to plumbing costs will be incurred.


When you are buying a brand new american fridge freezer, it is essential to know how large they are in order to make sure the size of your kitchen will accommodate them. This is why it’s recommended to go to an establishment (physical or online) that specializes in appliances and can help you find the perfect fit.

They will have various refrigerators from different manufacturers. They also have different sizes and sizes, so you can compare specifications and ensure that your space is suitable. You can also utilize a tool like Refrigerator Size Calculator to get a precise estimation of the dimensions of the various models available.

The average American fridge freezer measures 81cm in width and the height is 190cm. It is therefore crucial to think about the height of your ceilings as well as any shelving you might have. This will help to ensure that your new american fridge freezer isn’t too close to the walls or other white appliances.

The depth of an American fridge freezer is also important. This is because certain models will have a door that sticks out by around 8cm, so you will have to consider this extra space when measuring your kitchen. It is also a good idea to measure the entrance points that the american fridge freezer will need to go through, such as doors or hallways to ensure they are sufficient to allow it to pass through without hitting anything.

The great thing about American Fridge Freezers, is that they provide plenty of space for storage and can easily fit the weekly groceries of a family with five or more members. They are an excellent choice for larger families who cook together, or who live in small towns where there is an absence of supermarkets. In addition to their large capacity, many american fridge freezers are equipped with a range of features that will make your cooking experience more convenient and enjoyable.


American fridge freezers are usually larger than standard fridge freezers that are typically around 50cm. You’ll need to measure the area you’re planning to place your new appliance in order to make sure it fits. If you choose a built-in fridge freezer, it might require some adjustments to your kitchen cabinets.

It is also important to consider the size of your family and the items you plan to store in the refrigerator freezer. A large family will require more storage space than a small family, so it’s essential to consider the capacity and layout of the appliance and the way your family will use it.

The two most popular types of American fridge freezers are Side by Side or French Door. A Side-by-Side American fridge freezer has two doors with the refrigerator compartment on one side and the freezer on the other whereas a French door fridge freezer has four doors with the upper one housing the refrigerator shelves and the lower ones the shelves for the freezer.

Some models come with a water dispenser as well as an ice maker. This could save you a lot of time by allowing you to serve drinks chilled and ice cubes straight from the fridge. Some will have displays to inform you when it’s time to change the filter which can make it easier to visit the local shop for water filtration Jugs.

If you’re not a fan of door storage, some models offer a separate drawer that is ideal for keeping things like nut butters, pasteurised juices condiments, and ketchup. It’s recommended to not store milk in the door however it could ferment and deteriorate quickly. On several models, there’s an 21.5 inch Samsung Android tablet on the front fascia. This can be used to access apps for food management, shopping lists, recipes and other features like music, radio stations and messages. It also comes with a voice assistant that lets you to talk to your refrigerator like Hal 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey.


American fridge freezers make a stylish statement and can create an impact in your kitchen. You’ll find models with a sleek, minimalist aesthetic with bold colors and a sophisticated black that can add a touch of elegance to your space.

The large capacity of these fridges makes them a fantastic option for families with a lot of members as well as those who host regularly at home. You can fit up to 30 shopping bags worth of food in an average American fridge freezer. This is enough for the entire family or a group of friends who enjoy your cooking!

Some models feature a classic French-door design, which incorporates the freezer drawer in the bottom of the fridge with double doors to make it easy to access the contents. Customers who prefer a more traditional design but still want to have a lot of storage space and compartments within their doors are attracted to these models. Some offer a sleek flush fitting option that sits neatly between your other kitchen appliances to give an unobtrusive look.

We have plumbed and non-plumbed American fridge freezers, so you can choose the model that suits your kitchen best. Plumbed models are connected to your water supply, allowing you to dispense chilled water and ice at the push of the button. If you don’t have access to your water pipes, you could choose a non-plumbed model with an insulated water tank that you can fill and replenish as needed.

Some of the models in our American fridge freezer range are larger than normal fridge freezers, so it’s important to measure your doorways prior buying to ensure you can maneuver them. We have a slimline version of the PC84 that is less bulky and is ideal for kitchens with smaller spaces.


American fridge freezers offer many functions that will make your life easier and more enjoyable. There’s a refrigerator freezer that can meet your needs, whether you need extra storage or to keep your food fresher for longer.

The most well-known American refrigerator is the side-by-side, that is comprised of two double doors that open up to reveal two-thirds of the fridge and one-third of a freezer. This type of refrigerator is easy to keep organised because everything you eat can be viewed at once. Some models have compartments built into the door, which can increase the storage capacity.

Temperature control is a different feature that is included in many American refrigerators. This feature lets you to keep your freezer as well as refrigerator at different temperatures. This can aid in maintaining the quality of food and prolong its shelf life. Some models also have an option for holidays, which allows you to alter the temperature of your fridge so it’s appropriate for various occasions.

Many people think that American refrigerators are huge in size, however this isn’t always situation. They can be smaller than traditional fridge freezers, and are often designed to fit into the gap that is left by your old refrigerator or freezer. They are also not as expensive to run as you think, with certain appliances using a small amount of energy. It’s important to keep in mind that the energy consumption of your american refrigerator will vary depending on how cold it is.

Energy efficiency

American fridge-freezers are known for their capacity to store large amounts of food and this requires more energy. Many models are energy efficient and can save you money. To figure out how much power your fridge consumes, look at the energy label. This will give you a breakdown of the total annual consumption in kWh. You can also make use of online calculators to estimate the amount your appliance will cost to run. They will consider the cost of electricity, usage and other factors.

Many American refrigerator freezers are equipped with built-in ice makers that are built into the doors. They can provide you with continuous supply of chilled water, filtered and instant ice. This is a useful feature, but remember that it requires the fridge to be connected into your kitchen’s water system so bear this in mind when positioning it. There are also models with water jugs that are removable that you can fill manually – this is more economical and means you don’t have to think about plumbing costs, however it does mean you’ll need to refill these on a regular basis.

A few of the latest American refrigerator freezers are extremely efficient and may even get you an A rating on the energy efficiency label. This is good news for the environment as well as your pocket, as it can reduce the carbon footprint of your home. Take a look at the kWh numbers on the energy labels of your American refrigerator fridge freezer deals with those of other appliances that you own to determine its efficiency. You can also make a more informed purchase by looking at the appliance’s carbon dioxide emission levels in kilograms.

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