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How Much Does a Ghost Immobiliser Cost?

A ghost immobiliser can be an excellent method to protect your vehicle from thieves. It stops the vehicle from starting unless you enter a particular PIN code sequence. It also protects against key cloning and signal jamming.

It is a light and sleek device that connects to the CAN data network. It is quiet to use. It is a low maintenance security solution that will protect the resale of your prestige car and give you and your family peace of mind.


A ghost immobiliser can be a cheap way to increase the security of your vehicle. It works by connecting with the vehicle’s ECU to stop it from starting if an untrue code is sent. This prevents thieves from hotwiring the vehicle and driving it away even if they have the keys to your car. It also blocks cloning and hacking to make it harder for thieves to gain a profit from your vehicle. You can connect it to a smartphone app and monitor the device.

Unlike traditional immobilisers, ghost immobilisers are hidden and cannot be detected by thieves. They are simple to install and can be used with any vehicle. They are tamper-proof and work in a quiet manner. They are also immune to radio signals or jamming devices. They are a great choice for car enthusiasts who wish to shield their prized possessions from theft.

Ghost immobilisers can be an option for those who clean and maintain their cars often. They can be installed without altering the factory electronics, and they don’t interfere in any way with sensors or key fobs. They are available from a variety of companies that provide bespoke security solutions. They are an excellent investment for any car owner and can help you save time and effort.

The Autowatch Ghost 2 is an innovative immobiliser that guards your Bentley against key hacking or cloning. It connects to the CAN network and makes use of buttons that are factory-made on the steering wheel as well as the central console in order to generate an individual code sequence. It is TASSA certified and insurance-approved. This means that your premiums could be lower if have one of these immobilisers fitted.

A Ghost immobiliser can safeguard your vehicle from vandalism and theft at a low cost. It connects to CAN data network and prevents vehicle from starting if the ECU emits a misinterpreted signal. The device is invisible and does not interfere with radio or electronic signals from the vehicle, making it almost impossible for thieves to recognize. It is compatible with most alarm and tracking systems, so it can protect your vehicle from theft at the exterior and inside.


Ghost is a new generation immobiliser that guards against car theft and also prevents key hacking. It’s a low-profile, invisible device that connects to your vehicle’s ECU and can be used with existing interfaces, such as the buttons on the steering wheel or centre console. It is Tassa verified and insurance approved. Its features include alerts that are automatic, the GPS tracking system, and an emergency PIN code override. In addition to these features it’s compatible with a range of vehicles and includes an iPhone app that you can use to control the settings of your car. All communication with the device has been secured.

A ghost immobiliser is a good choice for high-end vehicles and luxury models, since it can protect the vehicle from cloning and remote hacking. It is a safe way to keep your Lexus RC F safe, and it is not affected by circuit cuts or jamming devices. It also detects vibrations, which will make it difficult for thieves to get your car started. Ghost immobilisers can assist you in avoiding costly repairs, and it may even help you save money on the cost of insurance.

Contrary to other immobilisers The Ghost is completely unnoticeable and has no LED indications to give away its whereabouts. It makes use of the buttons on your vehicle, such as the ones on the steering wheel, door panels and the center console to allow you to create a programmable, unique disarm sequence (like a PIN code) which must be entered before you are able to drive the car. You can also set up a “service valet mode” that lets you enter a unique number of characters to disable the immobiliser while you have your vehicle cleaned.

The installation of the ghost immobiliser should be left to a professional. The process takes around three hours. You will be shown how to use it and how to use it on your vehicle following the installation. You will also be able to download the mobile app which allows you to use the ghost immobiliser remotely. The app is free and communicates encrypted data with the device.


Ghost immobilisers can be a valuable safety measure for any vehicle. It stops a car burglar from to start your car without the correct code or key by secretly disables your ignition system. It is easy to install and doesn’t emit radio signals or any other kind of signal to detect. This makes it unnoticeable to the majority of thieves who use high-tech devices and is a must for anyone who values their vehicle.

Installing a ghost immobiliser is especially important for prestige or luxury vehicles. Thieves target these vehicles because of their perceived worth. Ghost immobilisers are a great way to protect your investment as they are costly to replace. It is also efficient in deterring thieves and is easily activated by pressing the button on your mobile phone.

The Ghost immobiliser is designed to shield your vehicle from cloning and hacking, and has no LED indicators to give away its whereabouts. It uses the electronic buttons on your steering wheel or door panels to let you enter a unique pin code. You can customize the sequence of buttons to ensure that it is difficult for thieves to gain access to your vehicle and start it.

The ghost immobiliser for sale immobiliser also works with a secure smartphone application. It permits remote management and monitoring of your device. It will send you real time alerts about stolen vehicles. This feature will cut down your insurance costs significantly.

Ghost II is the most advanced ghost immobiliser on the market, and is designed to be compatible with all vehicle models. It connects to a vehicle’s data network via Bluetooth and is compatible with most major brands. It is also simple to use and comes with a secure iPhone application that lets you control it on the move.

Ghost is a must-have accessory for any luxury or prestige car, and is one of the most cost-effective methods to increase the security of your car. It can also save you money on fuel and be an aid in emergency situations if one occurs.


Ghost immobilisers protect your vehicle against theft. It can be installed in nearly all vehicles and is easy to install. This device can assist you in avoiding costly car thefts and improve your vehicle’s resale value. It also provides peace of mind and makes your life more secure.

It is a small and discreet device that can be concealed inside your vehicle. Its unique design makes it difficult for thieves to take it away and steal your vehicle. It can only be activated through the PIN code or using a mobile application. The app lets you arm and disable the immobiliser, as well as check its status. The app can be used to monitor the position of your vehicle and provide live updates.

The Ghost 2 immobiliser is easy to use and able to recognize modern vehicle buttons with no additional wiring. It can detect engine start-ups and vibrations and generate a PIN code that is unique for every attempt. It also has an emergency PIN code that can be used to begin the vehicle. It can also be moved between vehicles, making it a valuable advantage for drivers.

The device is compatible with any vehicle type and can protect it from keyless entry theft, which is the most prevalent kind of car theft. It can detect engine starts and vibrations and trigger an emergency PIN override in the event that the original key fob is lost or replaced. The Ghost 2 is approved by TASSA to be used for insurance purposes and can be used on multiple vehicles. It is a great choice for drivers who are concerned about car theft.

A Ghost immobiliser is a fantastic option to keep your vehicle secure, especially when you’ve made an investment in personalising it or have a rare or high-end vehicle. It can help prevent thefts and save you money by helping to lower the cost of insurance. It can also help boost the value of your car’s resale which is crucial in the event that you intend to sell it in the near future.

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