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Modern Wood Burners

Modern wood burners blend elegant designs, efficient heating, and environmental consciousness. They are a wonderful addition to any home and offer an alternative source of heat in the event of power failures.

They are more effective at heating rooms than fireplaces and emit significantly fewer harmful gasses. outdoor wood burning stove stoves still emit up to six-times more particle pollution than modern diesel cars.

The Jotul F-305LL

The Jotul F 305 LL is one of the latest models to join the Jotul collection. This cast iron stove has an open combustion chamber horizontally that can handle large wood logs and offers an amazing view. It also comes with a practical ash drawer and simple air controls. Additionally, it benefits from a clean combustion system that minimizes emissions. The model comes with an air-tight heat shield on the rear and a soapstone top to further enhance the modern design.

The F 305 series has a horizontal design that makes it simple to position logs and also provides a rapid 10kW peak heat transfer to the room thanks to integrated convection. It was developed by Anderssen & Voll in Norway, combining 160 years of experience in heating with timeless design. The long leg version is available in white and has lighter touches that bring out the full flames of the fire. The horizontal format of the combustion chamber is perfect for burning larger pieces of wood and the air controls are easy to use.

The Jotul GF 305 DV IPI gas version is a cast iron variant of the well-known F 305 LL. The modern wood Burner, sleek design is framed by smooth curves. The huge view of the flame creates a stunning effect in your living space. The glass door that covers 70 percent of the front area allows for an impressive and clear view of the fire. Its high functionality includes an easy-to-install direct vent system and integrated heat convection, which reduces the distance to combustible substances at the rear of the stove.

The Focus Grappus

The Focus Grappus wood burner is designed to bring out the fire. The glowing flames are the star of the show. While many wood stoves tend to prize efficiency over looks however, the Focus design team has taken a different approach, with their sleek black creations that make the glowing flames the focal point of your home. The company’s fireplaces are the standard in many of the most prestigious interiors in the world and have won over 25 distinguished design awards.

The Focus design features a modern, tall flame view window that is held high on either side of a flue. A sleek wood storage unit provides an amazing visual contrast to the design. This tall flame view is the hallmark design of the Focus range, and it can also be customised to your requirements, such as having the option of different sizes for flues that will help you find a solution that works perfectly with your space.

The Grappus is a minimalist modern design that is extremely attractive and easy to use. Its unique design sets it apart from other wood burners. The sleek lines add a chic design to any space. It’s available in both a freestanding and a wall-mounted version, with the latter being ideal for spaces in which floor space is a problem.

The Grappus is also available with natural gas or wood-burning power. Its insulating structure consists of three distinct layers, with the middle layer being a glass barrier that protects against heat generated by the fire. The outer layers are designed for the heat to be taken up by the process of combustion and dispersed evenly across the entire space. This will ensure the most comfortable and efficient heating experience and also helps minimise the effects of condensation on the interior of the glass.

The Grappus is the perfect blend of performance and style. It is available in an output of 3-8 kW when using wood and up to 5 kW when using gas. It’s also EcoDesign certified which makes it an excellent option for those seeking an efficient, stylish and fashionable wood burner fireplace-burning stove.

The Round Stack

There are many different styles of wood stoves on the market today. There is a wood stove that is perfect for your needs, whether you are looking for something earthy and rustic to add to your home, or more sleek and modern. Modern designs not only look great but also provide more efficient alternatives to traditional heating methods.

Proper stacking of logs is essential in preparing them to burn in a stove. This will ensure that they stay dry and ready to burn. Airflow is vital for drying firewood, so leave space between logs and keep their ends even. Additionally, shielding the logs from weather by storing them in tarps or in dedicated structures aids in drying and keeps their quality.

The round stack method of stacking firewood is an extremely popular technique that is easy to master and looks stunning. Begin by making an initial base of three to four rows of treated 2x4s or pallets. Then build a stack of end pillars on top of this base by laying 3-4 pieces of wood on top of each other, and then putting another piece on the opposite side with more space at each end. Continue to build these pillars up to 12 rows, ensuring that there is plenty of space between each pillar for air to flow through the pile.

Make use of a center stake to provide stability. Then, start adding perpendicular pieces on the outside. Tie them together with string in the middle. Repeat this process until you have reached the height of your wall. Then you can fill in the inside with oddball pieces or those that are too large for the outer rows. Indoor stacking requires a space with good airflow and plenty of natural light. Overcrowding can lead to damp and moldy wood. The ideal indoor space for stacking is usually a garage or basement.

The Short Penguin Eco

The Short Penguin Eco from Chilli Penguin is a fantastic example of an eco friendly wood burner. Its clean lines and sturdy construction make it a stylish option for modern homes or those who want a little bit of traditional style. The multi-fuel stove 5kw can burn wood as well as smokeless fuel. It also has a large ceramic window to observe the flames dancing. It also has an oven, so you can cook a meal on it or boil a kettle for hot drinks.

The stove uses three clean burn features that produce low emissions and more than 80% efficiency. These include secondary heat retaining glazing, combustion air jets and air flow diverting. The result is a highly efficient stove that can be employed in smoke-control zones.

This stove is the smallest in the range of domestic stoves and has the advantage that it can be fitted to an exterior wall by the addition of a plinth or log store. The design is sleek and contemporary, with stainless steel handles. This is a stove that you’ll be happy to come home to.

Use of seasoned or kiln dried wood is another effective method of reducing carbon footprint. This kind of wood has been dried to less than 20% moisture which helps to reduce the amount of smoke that it emits when it’s burned. Even if your wood stove is extremely efficient, you can still produce a lot of emissions if not attentive.

In future blogs, we’ll share more great green ideas. In the meantime you can take a few simple things to improve the environment. From choosing furniture that is more sustainable to cutting down on the amount of paper you use, there are a lot of things that we can do. We hope that you find this blog helpful and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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