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How to Choose the Best Integrated Washer Dryer uk

A washer dryer is an amalgamation of a washing machine, tumble dryer and can save you time by reducing the amount of time you spend hanging laundry. It is a great option for busy families that want to save space.

It has a huge capacity of 8kg of wash and 5kg dry capacity, and it is WiFi-connected, so you can check your laundry remotely via an app. It also has a smart sensor drying system that prevents drying too long and reduces energy use.


Integrated washer dryers are a great solution for those who have small kitchens however still want to do laundry. These appliances that are built-in offer the convenience of two appliances in one and can be hidden behind a cupboard door to create an attractive and tidy appearance. These machines are not as cheap as freestanding washers or tumble dryers but they have useful features such as eco modes and quick wash cycles that can have your clothes clean in less than an hours time.

You can also save money by selecting an integrated washer and dryer with an energy-efficient rating. Look for models with an ‘A’ rating to minimize your environmental impact and keep your bills in check. If you’re not sure what to look for, you can try an Which? eco buy It’s a great starting point.

The AEG WMXWXA90 is a mid-range model and comes with features that make it ideal for families with a lot of work to do. It comes with a large capacity of 9kg for washing and drying, as well as a number useful options. It comes with a stain removal tool with a quick cycle, as well as sensor drying to ensure you take care of your clothing as efficiently as possible. This model includes a panel that allows you to pause the machine and turn it back on if you do not remember to shut off the machine.

If you want to take your laundry to the next level, the Beko WDXKDK85WP is an excellent choice. It’s a mid-range machine with a D energy rating that would have been an ‘A’ on the old scale, making it affordable to run and eco friendly too. The intelligent function adjusts the power, water, and time consumption for the highest efficiency. It also has an innovative tumble feature that can help your clothes keep their shape, and save you money on ironing.

The downside to buying an integrated washer dryer is that they may be more complex and more expensive to fix than standalone appliances, although many Mumsnetters say that their washer dryers have been in use for many years without issues. Their lifespan is also shorter than standalone appliances, so you may have to replace it sooner.


You can save time washing and dry your clothes with an integrated washer dryer in the UK. This type of laundry appliance is an amalgamation of two appliances that can be hidden behind a cabinet door. It is a great option for those who have a little space in their homes and want to save time on washing and drying. The integrated washer dryer helps reduce the energy use by making use of less electricity and water.

Some of the top integrated washing machines and dryers in the UK have useful features that make the process easier. For instance, certain models come with a NonStop 60-minute program which washes and dries your clothes in a mere hour. Some have a steam function which helps remove stubborn stains. others are suitable for people with sensitive skin and provide a range of programmes designed to reduce the amount of allergens that are present in your clothes.

There are a variety of models to choose from. It is essential to determine what type of washer dryer and features are most important to you. The most common features include spin speed, capacity, and control panel. Based on your requirements you may opt for a quiet model or one that has large drums and an eco mode. You should also consider features like the use of sensors to control the rinse cycle as well as a water management system.

You should also think about whether you’d like to have your dryer connected to your WiFi. You can track the consumption of power and download additional applications using an app. Some models even come with an option for smart connectivity that allows you to manage your appliance via voice commands.

A washer dryer with high spin speeds is yet another way to save time. Models that have a high spin speed require less energy to dry your clothes, as they can remove more moisture from your clothes. They also require less time to finish the process, meaning that you will be able to get your clothes ready the time you require them.


Consider a washer-dryer combo if you want to save on energy costs and the time spent ironing. These two-in-one appliances incorporate the washing machine and tumble dryer in one appliance that’s designed to fit neatly inside your kitchen cabinet doors for a sleek look. These appliances are perfect for smaller homes or flats with no utility space. You can pick from many colours to match the decor of your home.

When you are choosing a washer dryer, it’s important to check its energy efficiency and also the capacity for drying and washing. This will help you decide which model is the best fit for your needs. The higher the score, the more efficient the machine is, Best Integrated Washer Dryer uk which could save you money in the long term.

Some of the top integrated washer dryers come with several clever features that will aid in reducing your energy costs. Zanussi’s Z716WT83BI for instance is equipped with an intelligent sensor called DuoSensor that recognizes the type of fabric you are washing and adjusts the drum’s movements and temperature to ensure your clothes get the best cleaning possible. It also comes with a KG mode which weighs your laundry, ensuring that the wash time as well as the amount of water and energy usage are optimised for each load size.

Hoover H-Wash 300 Pro HDOS695TAMCET provides another excellent method to cut down on your energy bills. It’s rated D which isn’t quite as high as other models in this list, but it provides great value for the money. The H-Wash 300 Pro has a decent capacity for washing of 9kg and a 5kg drying capacity as well as some extras that aren’t found in cheaper machines, including a steam function that helps reduce creasing and Wi-Fi connectivity to allow you to control the machine remotely.

To make sure that your new integrated washing machine tumble dryer washer dryer is as efficient as you can choose models with a high-speed spin. This will eliminate the highest amount of water from your laundry and cut down on the energy required during the drying cycle.


For those who have limited space integrated washer dryers are the ideal solution. They’re not only compact and quiet enough to slide between cupboards, they help to keep your laundry space neat with a door that hides the appliance when it’s not in use. This gives an elegant, modern appearance that is sure to impress your guests.

The integrated washing machines are designed to simplify life for families with a busy schedule. The Miele WTD165 comes with the half Load feature Eco settings that help conserve energy and money, and a an efficient wash and dry cycle that can have your clothes ready in less than an hour.

Mumsnetters love this model for its easy-to-use control panel and large display screen and intuitive prompts. The large drum door makes loading easy and you can add forgotten items mid-wash. Its exceptional stain removal merits the attention of everyone – testers found it removed at least 80% of all staining.

The Beko BWDXK680WK is an excellent option for families looking to streamline their laundry routine and cut down on time. The combination cycle of dryer and wash allows you to get your clothes ready in just 28 minutes. Its MoistureSensor Technology reduces energy waste by stopping the cycle when the fabric is done. The final cool tumble is also essential because it helps reduce wrinkles.

With a washing capacity of 10kg capacity and a drying capacity of 5kg this appliance is ideal for larger families. It comes with a built-in dryer that makes use of intelligent sensors to optimise its cycles and its KG mode automatically weighs your load, so that the time for washing and the amount of water used are adjusted accordingly. Its unique Smart ThinQ app is another bonus, allowing you to download additional wash programmes and monitor your laundry from any place in the world. The washer dryer’s automatic detergent dispenser and auto-refill feature will make your life easier, while its eco friendly Energy Plus mode keeps your costs low. To make life even more convenient, this machine has a pause function that allows you to stop the cycle at any time during the washing.

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