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How Much Does a Ghost Immobiliser Cost?

Ghost immobilisers are an excellent method to keep your vehicle safe from thieves. It prevents your vehicle from starting until you enter a certain PIN code. It also guards against key hacking, signal jamming and other malicious actions.

It’s a sleek and light device that connects to the CAN data network and works quietly. It is a low-maintenance security device that will safeguard your vehicle’s resale value, and provide peace of mind to your family.


A ghost immobiliser is an affordable way to increase the security of your vehicle. It connects to the vehicle’s ECU and preventing it from starting if an invalid code is transmitted to it. This makes it impossible for thieves to hotwire the vehicle and drive it away, even if they have the keys to your car. It also prevents cloning or hacking to make it harder for thieves to make money from your vehicle. You can also link it to a mobile application and track the device from your smartphone.

In contrast to traditional immobilisers, ghost immobilisers are concealed and cannot be detected by thieves. They are easy to install and can be installed on any vehicle. They are tamper-proof and silent. They are not affected by radio signals or jamming devices. They are an excellent option for car lovers who want to protect the joy and pride of their vehicle from theft.

Ghost immobilisers can also be a good option for people who clean and maintain their cars often. They can be installed without affecting the factory electronics and won’t interfere with key fobs or other sensors. Numerous companies offer bespoke security solutions. They are a fantastic investment for any vehicle owner and will help you save time and energy.

The Autowatch Ghost 2 immobiliser is an innovative technology that shields your Bentley from key hacking and cloning. It works by connecting to the CAN data network and uses the buttons that you use on your steering wheel and central console to generate an unique pin code sequence. It is also TASSA verified and insurance-approved. It what is a ghost immobiliser possible that you could lower your insurance premiums if one of these immobilisers are installed.

A Ghost immobiliser will protect your vehicle from theft and vandalism at a low cost. It connects to CAN data network, and stops the vehicle from starting if the ECU sends a wrong signal. The device is completely invisible and does not interfere with the vehicle’s electronics or radio signals, which means it will be virtually impossible for thieves to identify. It’s compatible with the majority of alarm and tracking systems, and can therefore protect your vehicle from external and internal theft.


Ghost is the newest generation of immobilisers that guards against theft of cars and key hacking. It is an invisible device with a slim profile that connects directly to the ECU of your vehicle and integrates with existing interfaces like buttons on the steering wheel or the centre console. It is also certified by Tassa and insurance-approved. It comes with automatic alerts, GPS tracking, and emergency PIN code override. In addition it is compatible with a variety of cars and comes with an iPhone app which you can use to control your car’s settings. All communication with the device has been encrypted.

A ghost immobiliser can be an ideal option for high-end vehicles and luxury models because it protects them from remote hacking and copying. It is a non-detectable method to keep your Lexus RC F safe, and it isn’t affected by circuit cuts or jamming devices. It can also detect vibrations that make it more difficult for thieves to start your vehicle. It also helps save money in repairs and on insurance premiums.

The Ghost is completely invisible, in contrast to traditional immobilisers. It doesn’t have LED indicators to show its position. It uses the existing buttons in your vehicle, such as the ones on the steering wheel, door panels and the centre console, to allow you to create a programmable unique sequence to disarm (like a PIN code) that must be entered before you can drive the car. You can also create the option of a “service valet mode” which allows you to enter a unique number of characters to disable the immobiliser when you have your vehicle cleaned.

The installation of the ghost immobiliser is best left to an expert. The process can take around three hours. After the installation, you will receive an instruction on how to utilize the device and how it functions with your vehicle. You can also download the mobile application that lets you use the ghost immobiliser remotely. The app is free and communicates encrypted data to the device.


Ghost immobilisers are an essential security measure for all cars. It prevents a thief from starting your car without the right key or code, by delaying the ignition system. It is easy to install and doesn’t emit radio signals or any other kind of signal to detect. This makes it inaccessible to thieves with high-tech equipment and is a must for anyone who values their vehicle.

Installing a ghost immobiliser is especially important for luxury or prestige vehicles. These vehicles are often targeted by thieves due to their perceived worth. They can also be costly to replace, which is why a ghost immobiliser will help safeguard your investment. It is also effective in preventing thieves from entering your home and is easily activated by pressing a button on your mobile phone.

The Ghost immobiliser protects your car against hacking or cloning. It does not have a LED indicator to reveal its location. It makes use of the electronic buttons on your steering wheel or door panels to let you enter an individual pin code. You can change the sequence of buttons to ensure that it is harder for thieves to get into your vehicle and start it.

The Ghost immobiliser is also compatible with a secure mobile app. It allows you remote management and monitoring of your device and will send you real time alerts about stolen vehicles. This feature will drastically reduce the cost of insurance.

Ghost II is the latest ghost immobiliser on the market and is compatible with all models of vehicles. It connects to the vehicle’s data network via Bluetooth and is compatible with the majority of major brands. It’s also simple to use, and has a safe iPhone app that lets you manage the device while at any time.

Ghost is an essential accessory for any prestige or luxury vehicle, and it’s also one of the most cost-effective methods to enhance the security of your car. It can also save you money on fuel and can be a lifesaver if an emergency occurs.


Ghost immobilisers are a security system that helps to secure your vehicle from theft. It can be installed in the majority of cars and is simple to set up. This gadget can help prevent costly car thefts and boost the value of your vehicle. It also provides peace of mind and makes your life more secure.

It is a small and discrete device that can be hidden anywhere in your vehicle. Its unique design prevents thieves from taking it away and using it to steal your car. It can only be activated through a PIN code or through an application on mobile devices. The app lets you disable and arm the immobiliser, as well as verify its status. The app is able to monitor the location of your vehicle as well as provide live updates.

The Ghost 2 immobiliser is easy to use and able to recognize modern vehicle buttons with no extra wiring. It detects the sound of engine starts and vibrations, and generate a unique PIN code for every attempt. It also has an emergency PIN code that can be used to start the vehicle. It is also portable which makes it a valuable resource for drivers.

The device can be utilized in any type of vehicle and can protect it from keyless entry which is among the most popular types of car theft. It is able to detect engine starts and vibrations, and trigger an emergency PIN override in the case that the original key fob has been stolen or replaced. The Ghost 2 is insurance approved by TASSA and can be used to transfer between vehicles, so it’s a good option for drivers who want to stay safe from theft of their vehicle.

Ghost immobilisers are a fantastic option to protect your vehicle, especially if it’s been customized or you own a luxury or rare car. It can prevent thefts and save you money by helping to lower your insurance premium. It can also help increase your car’s resale value, which is important in the event that you intend to sell it in the near future.

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