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Ghost Immobiliser Price

Ghost immobilisers can be a great security feature on luxury cars. They help to safeguard the value of the vehicle’s resale and provide peace of mind for the owner. These devices deter thieves from stealing the vehicle even if they have keys.

The TASSA Verified Ghost Security System II CAN Bus Immobiliser is the very first aftermarket device in the world to protect your vehicle from key cloning and hacking. This next generation device is connected to the CAN data network and a personalised sequence is programmed through buttons on the steering wheel and dashboard.

Security enhancements

Ghost immobilisers are an excellent option for any car, but they are especially useful for luxury vehicles. These devices stop the vehicle from starting until a specific PIN or sequence is entered. This will stop a burglar from driving away with your car, even if they have your key fob.

Ghost immobilisers have systems that prevent signal jamming, device spoofing, and other similar techniques. Thieves employ these methods to bypass the standard immobilisers. Even with these features, thieves still need to steal the vehicle in order to start it. Installing a ghost immobiliser is the best way to protect against these attacks.

An Autowatch Ghost 2 immobiliser will defend your car from theft like no other available on the market today. It will stop key-cloning, hacking, and even if the keys are taken from you, they won’t simply take off with your vehicle. The immobiliser that is undetectable was designed to work with your existing buttons, which means it can be concealed behind your steering wheel, door panels or centre console. It will make use of the buttons to create an exclusive disarm sequence similar to a PIN code that must be entered before driving your car.

This ghost immobiliser is efficient because it doesn’t require fobs or transponders. This means that thieves will have to physically steal your car, and then replace the key control unit as well as the transmission unit to allow it to function. This is a complicated task that is best completed by a professional.

Ghost immobilisers can also be able to be customized to suit your car, making them an excellent choice for classic cars and sports cars. This is a great option when you’ve spent a lot of time and money customizing your vehicle. It will ensure your vehicle’s security at all times.

Ghost immobilisers are also TASSA-verified and you are assured that they will work with your vehicle. In addition the company provides mobile installation for your convenience which means you can install them at your workplace, home, or dealership.

Protection to protect your vehicle’s resale price

Installing a ghost immobiliser to your vehicle is a great option to guard against potential thieves. These devices are connected to your vehicle’s CAN system. They also work through the ECU. These characteristics make it difficult to detect them and even to avoid them. They also provide a higher level of protection than standard immobilisers.

When choosing a ghost-immobiliser for your vehicle, it is important to take into consideration its ability to protect your vehicle’s price at resale. Prestige vehicles are frequently targeted by criminals, and this can damage their resale value. Ghost immobilisers can help prevent this, as it makes it difficult for criminals to get into your vehicle and begin its engine.

The Autowatch Ghost 2 immobiliser an affordable and highly-effective device that offers a number security benefits to your vehicle. It is directly connected to the CAN system of your car and works through the ECU. It is easy to install, operates silently and doesn’t transmit radio signals. It is simple to hide and protects the resale price and appearance of your vehicle.

Ghost immobilisers can also stop the ignition from preventing your vehicle from starting when you use keys stolen. This will save you the expense and time of having to replace keys to your vehicle when they become lost or stolen. This is especially useful for those who have a large fleet.

A ghost immobiliser may also be linked to the tracker, which could provide you with peace of mind while driving your vehicle. You can set up geo zones at office or home to be alerted when your vehicle leaves the zones. This will enable you to locate your vehicle and track down the person responsible for the theft.

This type of system is especially useful for luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz or Porsche. Thieves target these vehicles due to their perceived value. Ghost immobilisers can ensure that these cars are not stolen and help preserve their resale values.

Peace of mind

A ghost immobiliser is a good investment to ensure peace of mind. It makes your car more secure from theft and increase your confidence when driving. It also helps protect the price you sell your vehicle. This is especially important if you own a prestige vehicle, as potential buyers might be wary of purchasing a vehicle with a shady history.

Ghost immobilisers are discrete and can be fitted without causing any damage to your vehicle. They function by connecting directly to your vehicle’s CAN data network and creating a unique, personalised pin code. The PIN code will be entered using the buttons on your dashboard and steering wheel, preventing the vehicle from starting unless the correct sequence is used. This makes it very difficult for thieves to get around it, which is why the device is such an effective deterrent.

Easy to use is one of the greatest features of ghost immobilisers. You can reset and change your PIN with an application for mobile devices that is available on iOS and Android. The app also lets you to view your vehicle’s real-time location which makes it easier for you to keep on top of your pride and joy. In addition to offering security ghost immobiliser review immobilisers are a great choice for people who spend lots of time and money customizing their vehicles. This is because a stolen car is less likely to have a chance of being returned to its owner after it has been stripped to make parts.

The Autowatch Ghost is a cutting-edge security item can only be installed by an engineer who is qualified. It is designed to prevent thieves from switching vehicles. It is fully Thatcham- and insurance-approved. This package also includes an Scorpion tracker as well as a warranty to give you security. This package is cheaper than purchasing and installing an immobiliser Ghost. It’s important to remember, however, that the tracker will only work when the Ghost immobiliser is activated. This is due to the fact that the tracker won’t be able to connect vehicles that haven’t been programmed with a valid Ghost immobiliser PIN.


If you want to keep your vehicle safe and secure, installing an immobiliser is necessary. These devices are easy to use and protect your vehicle from theft by stopping it from getting started. These devices are also invisible and can’t be detected by thieves. They are also a great tool to stop carjacking. They can also assist you to find your vehicle’s location. These devices are inexpensive and are easily installed by thekeylab.

Ghost immobilisers work by connecting to the vehicle’s CAN data network, allowing you to create a unique pin code by pressing buttons on the steering wheel and dash. The device then blocks the engine from turning off until you enter the correct PIN code. It’s the latest security technology, and it offers unparalleled security against key theft, hacking and cloning. It’s also a great choice for cars with aftermarket key fobs.

The Ghost can stop the ignition system of a car without affecting its security features. This makes it hard for a thief even using a key fob to start the car. The ghost can also be used to turn off the alarm of your car. This will stop the thief from stealing your car’s keys and even driving it away.

Ghost immobilisers are a great choice for vehicles that have a lot of modifications or are driven by prominent drivers. They can also be used with a tracker for better monitoring. They are available at Tassa-verified dealers in Chester and Swansey and are a popular option for those who want to protect their vehicles from theft.

In comparison to other immobilisers the ghost is a cheap method to stop car theft. It is compatible with numerous models and is easy to install. It is compatible with a broad range of vehicle manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi. It is a Tassa certified and insurance-approved device that has modern anti theft technology. It uses CAN-bus connectivity to shield your vehicle from hacking and key copying. It also is resistant to the RF jamming and code-grabbing.

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