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The Benefits of Wood Stoves

A wood-burning stove can create a warm and cosy ambience in any room. New regulations have replaced the old fireplaces that emit smoke.

The latest DEFRA Smoke Exempt appliances have lower levels of emissions and permit you to use a log burner in any UK smoke control zone. They are still responsible for high levels of PM2.5.

Cleaner Burning

wood burning stove uk burning stoves and open fires release huge quantities of fine particulates, especially when they aren’t maintained in a proper manner. According to a new report by the European Environmental Bureau, a single household wood burner produces as many particles per hour as six diesel vehicles.

These emissions are the main source of air pollution and contribute to poorer health for people who live near roads where pollution is usually more than average. They also impact the climate, as pollutants can be transported across borders and cause global consequences.

The good news is that wood stoves are a lot more efficient than they used to be, and this advancement is due to the advancements in technology. As well as banning the sale of traditional coal for homes and limiting the sale of wet small wood burning stoves, which is usually found on garage forecourts the government will ensure that all new stoves sold comply with EU environmental regulations. The new wood burners use a much more efficient method of combustion that will reduce emissions considerably.

Modern log burners come with an ‘airwash system’ that shields glass from dirt. This works by drawing in an air flow around the stove’s glass to keep it clean, even if the fire is still burning. However older wood stoves do not have this, which is the reason why sooty glass on old models is more prevalent.

The majority of modern stoves have this feature. A regular cleaning schedule can keep your stove looking fresh. Be sure to make sure your stove is cool before you begin and be careful not to damage the glass by using harsh scrubbers.

A new wood-burning stove that is in line with eco-design standards can help reduce your carbon footprint, and also reduce your heating expenses. You will also be protecting the environment and your health.

Our new wood stoves are better than ever and include numerous features that will enhance the performance of your home. For example our Scan models have Clean Burn technology which results in a reduction of particle emissions by as much as 80% compared to older stoves. The fact that they use 40% less wood because of their efficiency, you can reduce heating costs and also contribute positively to the environment.

More Energy Efficient

If you’re a homeowner and are looking for a better alternative to electric or gas heating, wood stoves from the UK are a fantastic option. Wood stoves are not only green, but they can also help you save money on your energy bills.

A modern, high-efficiency stove is likely to be less expensive than central heating systems. As energy prices continue to rise so it’s more crucial to cut down on the cost of heating.

A common myth is that burning wood in a stove generates the same amount of emissions as 18 diesel cars, however that’s not true. This is partly because many of the more recent Ecodesign compliant stoves (including the ones from Charnwood) are more efficient, so they emit significantly less harmful gases.

When you are choosing firewood, make sure to choose a source that is sustainable. Also, ensure that it has been seasoned for atleast one year. This decreases the amount of moisture, making it more efficient, and also reducing smoke and emissions. You should consider sourcing your wood from local suppliers to support the local economies.

Another option to be more environmentally friendly is to buy a multifuel stove, as they can be used with a variety of fuels like oil and smokeless coal. They are also more efficient than an open flame and can help you save up to 60% on fuel costs.

You’ll need to regularly clean the flue and grate of your stove to ensure it is running effectively. This must be done at least twice a year or more frequently in the event that you make use of your stove frequently.

It is also advisable to be aware of your stove’s combustion efficiency since some of the advertised efficiencies only refer to the combustion process and not to the overall efficiency of the appliance. Make sure that the manufacturer is able to provide an explanation of the overall efficiency. It is recommended to select a stove that is certified by the ClearSkies program, since it will assist you in understanding the efficiency of the stove.

A Cleaner Environment

Wood-burners can be a great addition to any home. They provide a warm and cozy atmosphere that is perfect for winter nights in. They are a great method to cut down on energy bills and make your home more sustainable. They also offer a great alternative to fossil fuels and can save you money on gas prices. The best part is that wood stoves are able to be used by all the family. This makes them a great choice for families, especially families with children. It is an enjoyable pastime to collect the materials in the local parks or woods and then unwind under the warmth of a log-burning fire.

The days of draughty fireplaces, and smoking stoves are over. Modern stoves generate a clean, dry and non-odorous heat. A lot of modern stoves have the Clean Burn technology which utilises an advanced combustion system that ensures the stove does not release harmful gases and particles. This produces a cleaner fire which is ideal for those who live near smoke zones of control. It is not legal to release smoke from an appliance within these zones.

It is important to choose a stove with a high rating for the environment, whether you live in a place that is smoke-free or not. This will stop harmful emissions from escaping your chimney and contaminating the air inside your home. In accordance with the new regulations, which went into effect in 2022 all new stoves must limit their carbon emission to a certain amount. This means that older stoves might require replacement to be in compliance with the new regulations.

There are two kinds of certifications that you must consider when buying a wood burning stove. The first one is Ecodesign which complies with European directive on particulate and air pollution. This kind of stove decreases Particulate Matter, Organic Gaseous Compounds and Carbon Monoxide by improving the combustion of the firebox. It also requires less logs to generate the same amount of heat.

A stylish addition

Wood-burning stoves can make your home cosy and are the perfect way to add style. They can bring a touch of elegance to traditional as well as modern homes, and the wide range of colours now available mean they can be matched perfectly with your d├ęcor. You can also pick from a variety of options, like side windows and natural stone cladding, to get the look you want.

If you reside in a zone of smoke control in the smoke control zone, you must comply with regulations that limit your ability to burn certain types of fuel, such as coal. These regulations are intended to safeguard people from harmful particulates that can trigger respiratory ailments such as asthma and chronic obstructive respiratory disease (COPD).

However, the government has not eliminated all log burners since they remain an important source of heat for many UK households. The new rules are 40% more stringent restricting the amount of smoke stoves are permitted to emit per hour.

The Mendip Core is an elegant stove that complies with the latest smoke control guidelines. You can be assured that it won’t cause any problems in your smoke control zone. It has a generous window that gives you a great view of the flames and its airwash system assists to keep soot from building up. It is simple to start an open flame and takes just half an hour to start extinguishing heat.

This stove is also energy efficient, with a good annual efficiency of 79%, which means that most of its heat is used to warm the room instead of going up the chimney. It is easy to clean and its baffles help to keep the glass clean of soot.

It is a basic design that is user-friendly, and it is backed by a lengthy warranty that shows the manufacturer is confident in its product. It has holes in its feet that allow it to be secured, and you can add additional heat shields should you require. The warranty is an excellent indicator of the quality of the product, as most top brands offer at least a one-year warranty.

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