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Is Ghost Immobiliser Installation Really Worth It?

The system uses the buttons on your car (such as the ones on the doors, steering wheels, and centre consoles) to generate a unique PIN code push-sequence. This is the sequence to be entered before your car can start.

It can be easily changed by you at any time. It also comes with a service mode that allows you to drive your car to garage without requiring an authorization code.


ford focus ghost installer immobilisers are the most recent technology to stop car theft. They use the vehicle’s CAN data bus to communicate with the engine control unit and make it impossible for anyone to drive your vehicle away without the key fob or a PIN number. This is one of the most secure methods for preventing car theft and is able to be installed in any vehicle. However, this does come with a cost, and the cost could be quite costly. So is it worth it?

Ghost Immobilisers cost much less than other security devices, such as clamps and wheel locks and are a great way to protect your pride and joy. They are also virtually undetectable even for thieves who use sophisticated hacking tools to evade other security systems. They are hidden within the car and function even if the keys have been cloned.

The system works invisibly by turning off the ignition of the engine without additional wiring, hardware or power source. It can be controlled via an app on a smartphone that gives the owner complete control over their vehicle. This is a great option for those who wish to safeguard the investment they have made in their luxurious or prestigious vehicle.

Ghost immobilisers might not be Thatcham approved, but they are TASSA certified (Tracking and Aftermarket Security Systems Association). Certain insurance companies also recognise them. They aren’t considered to be a ‘car tracker’ and are not installed in your vehicle to track you, but they can protect your car from the most common type of car crime, that of cloning your key fob or changing the ECU.

After the ghost immobiliser has been installed, the car will only start if the unique pin configuration is entered. The thieves who aren’t aware of this will not be able to start the car and will presume that it’s broken. It’s a straightforward way to deter car thefts and decrease your insurance costs.

The Autowatch audi rs3 ghost installer 2 immobiliser is an innovative, next-generation security device for vehicles. It is fully approved and endorsed by insurance companies. The user is able to configure the device using their own unique pin code. It also doesn’t contain RF signals or diagnostic codes. It is also unable to be identified by thieves using sophisticated RF scanning or code technology to capture codes.


The Ghost immobiliser offers one of the highest levels of security available. It guards your vehicle against key hacking, cloning, and jamming signals. It connects to your vehicle’s CAN data network and is programmed with an exclusive override code. The system lets you create a unique sequence of disarming comprising up to twenty button presses. You can also disarm your Ghost remotely, if you need to for instance, when you give your car over to a valet.

Many car thieves employ sophisticated methods to steal vehicles. High-tech hacks allow them to start and unlock the car without a key fob. Ghost immobilisers stop these kinds of thefts by stopping the vehicle from being started without a pin code. This means that a thief would be forced to spend more time trying to steal your car.

It is crucial to install your ghost immobiliser by an approved TASSA installer. TASSA is a recognised organisation that certifies the aftermarket security and tracking devices. It also is approved by some insurance companies. If you install an Ghost immobiliser, your insurance company may recognise it and offer you an affordable premium.

Another way to keep your vehicle safe is by installing an GPS tracker. This can help you find your vehicle if it’s stolen, and also notify you of any unusual activity on the road. It isn’t enough to stop thieves from taking your car, so you need to employ additional security measures.

It is worth investing in additional security measures when you own a unique car or a costly vehicle. The Ghost Immobiliser is an invisible device that protects your car from theft. It is simple to install and leaves no trace of its installation which makes it virtually impossible for thieves to bypass the device. It is a great investment for anyone who has spent money on customising their vehicle, or who owns an exotic or rare vehicle.

The Ghost immobiliser makes use of the CAN data network to communicate with your vehicle, and a thief will not be able to get around it by cutting wires. It also protects you from the common methods used to defeat traditional immobilisers, such as codes grabbing and RF scanning technology.


A Ghost Immobiliser, a revolutionary vehicle security device, prevents thieves from starting up your vehicle. It works by connecting directly to the CAN data network and intercepting electronic signals from the vehicle’s ECU. It is not visible to thieves since it doesn’t use circuit breaks or keys fobs. It also works without radio frequencies and is silently. The low-maintenance design of the system is discrete and easily hidden from view.

This cutting-edge technology is a must-have for owners of expensive or high-performance vehicles, since it is the most effective way to safeguard your vehicle from theft. It’s a cost-effective and discreet way to protect your pride and joy from theft. It also helps lower the cost of insurance. The technology that it has developed is compatible with modern vehicles and can be installed by an expert at Trackershop the Midland’s most renowned security company for vehicles.

The Ghost Immobiliser makes use of the buttons on your steering wheel and the dashboard to create a unique PIN code. The owner can alter the code with an iPhone application. It could be as long as 20 numbers. There aren’t any sounds or LED indicators and a secure code is available in the event that you lose the original. The device is also completely inaccessible to the technology that thieves use to clone and steal your car. It’s also a great companion for car trackers since it lets you monitor the location of your car in real-time.

Ghost is a TASSA approved system and can drastically reduce your insurance premium for cars. Installation is simple and easy. The system can be linked to your Apple Watch or mobile phone so that only authorized users are able to start your vehicle. It is compatible with all major automakers, and can be used with most smart-phones or GPS devices.

The Autowatch Ghost is a system that can be fitted on all modern vehicles and is a TASSA approved system. It can be fitted on all vehicles equipped with a factory-installed keyless entry system, which includes many luxury and prestige models. The Ghost is a permanent addition to your vehicle, unlike other anti-theft devices.


The Ghost Immobiliser II from Autowatch is a revolutionary system to safeguard your vehicle from key-cloning, hacking and more. This unique system is TASSA (Tracker and Aftermarket Security Systems Association) certified, which means that any company installing the Ghost Immobiliser has passed stringent tests to ensure your security. It is also recognized by most insurance companies, which means that you can save money on your car insurance.

The system works by connecting to the data bus of CAN and blocking your engine from starting unless an override PIN code is entered alongside the key fob. This makes it impossible for thieves to copy your keys or hack your vehicle, and also prevents thieves from stealing your vehicle.

Ghost immobilisers, unlike physical deterrents like wheel clamps or steering locks, are hidden. They can’t be detected by a burglar. They’re also not susceptible to damage from circuits, since they don’t transmit radio signals and operate through the ECU’s data bus. This makes them difficult to locate and overcome.

Ghost immobilisers are totally wireless and can be mounted in almost any vehicle. It’s also low-maintenance, and does not require any additional wiring. It’s also able to be concealed which makes it difficult for thieves to spot.

In service mode, you are able to temporarily activate the ghost immobiliser when you need to perform maintenance or repairs on your vehicle. To do this simply press the button for service five times. You should see five flashing lights to ensure that the system is enabled. This will allow you diagnose the issue without compromising security of your Ghost immobiliser.

If you’re having problems with your Ghost stop/start functionality it’s important to understand how to test the device prior making contact with a garage or dealer to seek assistance. This can be done by placing your Ghost in service mode. Press the Ghost fob button or the infotainment system and wait for 60 minutes. Then, turn on the car and verify that the system is working properly.

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